Safer Tomorrow

Helping children deal with conflict and aggression.

​A bystander’s observation….

Taking the Go train from Bronte to Union in the Greater Toronto Area, we overheard a passenger talking to one of the conductors. The passenger appeared to be a teacher and recounted a recent incident at her school.  “ of my 5-year-old students brought a knife to class!” she exclaimed.  

She went on to describe how the situation had to be carefully managed to ensure the safety of all the children, including the student who had brought the knife to school. The conductor then went on to talk about how there was something really wrong with either the kids or the schools these days since they did not remember incidences such as these happening in their childhood.

Unfortunately, incidences such as these are no longer rare. In fact, such incidences are becoming more and more common. With increasing levels of violence portrayed in our media, the violence has also increased in our playgrounds and in our schools. When will this cycle of violence end or will it only become worse?

Many of the perpetuators of school violence have been bullied as young kids. In many cases the bullied becomes the bully continuing and perpetuating the cycle of violence. Children are smart. They can be extremely caring and sweet while at the same time in a different situation they can be extremely cruel. 

The only solution to putting a stop to this cycle of violence is by teaching these young ones the same skill set that we impart to our diplomats and negotiators to handle disputes.  We need to teach them the importance of diversity, inclusiveness and tolerance; the importance of being assertive and standing up against wrong. 

At Safer Tomorrow, this is exactly what we aim to accomplish. Our goal is to provide these young minds with the necessary skills with the help of story boards, iBooks, interactive role play and games.